Why You Need To Be Fasting Once A Week

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Twenty-four hours is a long time for fasting, but I made it. I fasted last week for 24 hours for the first time and I couldn’t believe I could actually do it. I decided to do it after talking to a physician and his wife who are fasting now one day a week. He explained all the physiology that goes on in your body when you fast and I definitely have a little work I need to do so I thought I would give it a try. Let’s just say this, by 2:30 in the afternoon, I felt like I was starving and I wanted to be done. But I kept going and drinking lots of water and I even exercised that night after work and I was happy when 24 hours was over.

Fasting is not a new idea. It has been done for religious practices and other reasons throughout the years, but in the present day there is research that the health benefits with fasting are worth taking another look at for losing weight. Dr. Michael Mosley’s book “The Fast Diet” and Dr. Carolyn Apovian’s book, “The Overnight Diet” are receiving a lot of attention with the idea that when you fast it jumps starts your ability to lose weight.

“There is one advantage that the intermittent fasting appears to have over a standard (calorie restricted) diet: studies suggest that when you do intermittent fasting you lose almost exclusively fat according to researchers, Dr. Krista Varaday and Dr. Michelle Hoffman”. They found that with a standard diet you lose about 75 % fat and 25 % lean muscle and with the fasting regime you lose between 85-100% fat. On Mosleys’ plan he allows men to have 600 calories a day on their fasting days and women 500 calories. On his program they actually fast 2 non-consecutive days a week and the weight lose is quite significant. According to Mosley this type of fasting is being studied to help ward off the likelihood of cancer, dementia and Type II diabetes.

Dr. Carolyn Apovian appeared on the Dr. Oz show with her “Overnight Diet”. She has a once a week fast, in which she allows you to drink protein smoothies (she feels the best protein is Whey and casein mix) and then the other 6 days of the week you follow-up with a low calorie, protein rich diet of regular foods. According to her and Dr. Oz, we all lose 1% of our muscle mass per year and muscle is what keeps are metabolism revved up, so that is why it gets harder and harder to lose weight as we get older. With her program you can eat fruits, vegetables and protein and she feels says it burns fat and not muscle and it increases your metabolism so it helps you decrease your overall weight. She believes her diet decreases your risk of heart disease, Type II diabetes and cancer and increases your longevity.

In the fast that I did I did not eat any calories at all. It is a true fast and it is a way for your body on a cellular level to be stressed and then it mobilizes all of your fat stores to metabolize for needed energy. In many ways this is exactly what we do in physical therapy with our patients everyday that have a tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or a muscle strain. We want the body to heal the tissue that is damaged so we rally the tissue on a cellular level to evoke a change. That’s how you make new tissue.

You stress it and it then responds with new blood supply and resulting new growth. Our other tissue is no different. If we never stress the system, whether it is our cardio-vascular system or our musculoskeletal system how can it change. So change it up. If the way you have been eating or exercising isn’t working for you don’t be afraid to see your MD and ask for the help you need with a new plan. Every body is different and every system needs to be challenged to move to the next level. Don’t be afraid to step forward this spring to a new you. Get moving, we are rooting for you, because your health matters to us.

Author Sheree DiBiase, PT is the owner of Lake City Physical Therapy. She specializes in women’s health, lymphedema and breast cancer care. She has over 30+ years of experience practicing. If you have questions, reach out to here via Lake City PT’s Facebook.

Holiday Mental Health: Tips For Women and Moms

Holiday Mental Health lake city pt

I just love this time of year with all of its traditions and festivities. Their is something so special and fulfilling that comes from visiting with all my family and friends and celebrating another year together.

I especially love all the good food, treats, and last minute invitations for fun activities. With all
this action, our plan for a healthy life can go right out the window. So I do a few
little things to help you be healthy while you are having fun.

1) Laugh Often – Laughter really is the best medicine! Use your energy to lift each other up and laugh at the silly parts of our everyday life. Think of fun ways to make others laugh, this will help you to see the joy in this Holiday Season. How can you not like Frosty the Snowman and old reruns of “I Love Lucy” when she is working in the candy factory?

2) Don’t Take It Too Serious – The holidays can have a lot of pressure to them and sometimes emotions run high and people say and do things that really they don’t really mean to say or do. Don’t hold too tight to these words and remember you have a chance to use your words to tell people about all the things you love about them, even if it is your Aunt Mabel and you still remember that she told you she didn’t like your Christmas dress 20 years ago.

3) Find Time to Exercise – Even if you can’t fit in your whole regular routine at the gym sneak in 10 mins here and 15 mins there to go walking with your sisters or go ice-skating with your kids. All those minutes add up and keep us well.

4) Plan Ahead – If you know particular situations are difficult for you, dinner at your in-laws or the holiday office party, come up with some one-liners to stop the nasty progressions of unwanted conversations or simply remove yourself from the line of fire. Then make a plan to decide whether those conversations are something you need to have sometime later in private. No texting or emailing those conversations, you need to be face to face for those types of talks, it is only fair to everyone.

5) Make Time For You – We often get so busy at this time of year we sometimes forget that we need to re-connect with our own heart. Take 5 mins and sit by the fire with a cup of tea and put your feet up. Go to a Yoga class you have wanted to do forever with your friend, just because. We all need a little down time and only you know what that is for you, no one else, not even your spouse can tell you what that is. My Mom loved to cook and bake and when we were little she would tuck us in bed with my Dad home in the other room and she would run to the grocery store to walk the aisles in peace and quiet and get ideas. She lived on the edge.

6) Just Say Yes – Take a chance and live outside your comfort zone. Many of us live our lives locked in fear of what might happen. Say yes to the neighbors’ invitation for hot chocolate around the bonfire while sledding or yes to the friends who are going caroling in the nursing home. Say yes to the charity or to the soup kitchen request for help, your heart will thank you.

7) Eat and Drink – Responsibly of course, but do it and enjoy it! Try the new bread pudding your girlfriend made and the dark chocolate that was flown in from Europe. Just have one piece instead of two and one drink instead of 3. Often at family get gatherings we overeat or drink due to stress. Think ahead about what stresses you when you are there and drink a nice glass of water with lemon or tea instead.

8) Be Thankful – My favorite part of this time of year is exactly that, being thankful. I am thankful for my health, my boys, my friends and my family all over the country. I think of all my patients and all the challenges that they are facing everyday and I am thankful for them that they get up everyday and keep fighting for their health. There is nothing better to fight for than that: your health and the people you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Author Sheree DiBiase, PT is the owner of Lake City Physical Therapy. She specializes in women’s health, lymphedema and breast cancer care. She has over 30+ years of experience practicing. If you have questions, reach out to here via Lake City PT’s Facebook.

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How Does Yoga Reduce Stress

lake city pt hayden physical therapy how yoga reduces stressThere are many different forms of Yoga. The word Yoga means “to unite” or “to join”, some say that it can mean “connection” or “contact.” The most frequently talked about form of Yoga in western cultures is called Hatha Yoga. It concentrates on the health and purity of the body. Yoga originally was one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy, however through the years many other religious groups included this tradition in their belief systems.

Hatha Yoga has the Yoga Sutras with posture and then breathing component mixed together. James Raub calls it a “psychophysical Yoga”. You can see then that Yoga can attain this mind body connection through a disciplined method towards a specific goal. In many religious traditions, Yoga was used to connect into a spirit-filled life force. Today the goal of Yoga is often to alleviate health problems, decrease stress and create a form of exercise that restores us.

Yoga Postures Names

There are many postures in Yoga. The postures are called asanas, and they are a steady, held pose. Many are named after things in nature such as the cobra, crane, eagle, locust, scorpion, tree, dog, lotus, etc. Some are named after shapes, such as a half moon, bridge, and triangle.

These postures are all done to accomplish specific goals for the body and mind. The “corpse” for example is done to relax the whole body, release muscle tension, calm the nervous system and helps decrease the symptoms of heart problems. (The corpse posture is exactly how it sounds, you lay flat on your back, with your palms up, and eyes closed. Your feet our hip width apart and you push your shoulders away from your ears. You relax your facial muscles, your throat; you swallow a couple of times with your tongue behind your first row of teeth. You then relax your pelvis, abdomen, and diaphragm and expand your ribs. You then let your spine relax into the floor and you lay still and motionless. As you do this all you concentrate on is your breathing patterns. You breathe in through your nose to the count of four and then out through your nose to the count of floor. You will consciously let all thoughts drain out of your body.) And I am telling you after a hard day at work this posture is one of my favorites.

Yoga Breathing

lake city pt hayden physical therapy how does yoga relieve stressBreathing in Yoga is called prana. It has lots of meanings. Some are: breath, respiration, life, vitality, wind, energy and strength. The ability to control your breath leads to the ability to control your mind. The ability to control your breath also leads to the ability to refresh and rejuvenate all of the systems in your body. According to Hatha Yoga Pradipika, “When the breath wanders (i.e. irregular) the mind is also unsteady. But when the breath is calmed, the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore one should learn to control the breath.” The breathing is the connection to the mind with the postures you are in.

This connection then allows your body to access this same peace of mind anytime throughout the day whether you are having a stressful day at the office, driving in dangerous traffic or having a “discussion” with your teenagers or boss. Remember, the more you practice these techniques the better you get at them and then they will become automatic. Do not be afraid to use your breathing techniques anywhere you go. They will help you have the tools to control your daily response to many stressful life situations. And yes it is as easy as breathing.

Should I Do Yoga?

So, is Yoga for you? Well it depends on your goals? Do you need a way to exercise, reduce stress and have a feeling of overall well being? Then Yoga might just be the thing for you.

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any questions comment them below so they can be answered 🙂

Next Article – How To Take Care Of Your Skin

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How to Take Care of Your Skin After Breast Cancer

How to Take Care of Your Skin After Breast Cancer lake city pt

Oh, Spring is here at last and we are shedding our coats and layers of camouflage for short sleeves and the hope of warmer weather. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and so often it is overlooked when it’s been covered all winter. According to the American Academy of Dermatology “your skin shows how healthy you are on the inside”.

What Are The Layers Of The Skin

The Integumentary system is what the skin is called. The layers of our skin help to protect and regulate our body everyday. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. The epidermis it the most important layer to take care of daily.

When it becomes cracked, scaly, dry or broken it is an invitation for problems. In a healthy immune system, our body can ward off all these pesky little germs without a problem, but if our immune system is compromised at all, the skin tells all.

Lake City PT’s physiotherapists always assess the integumentary system every time we see you. We look for signs of change in your skin. We look at the texture, the temperature, the turgor, the color, and the moisture of the skin.

We check to ensure breast cancer scar lines are healing, that they are soft and supple without excessive thickening (keloids). We instruct in proper wound care to improve the rate of healing. We monitor the tissue to check its sensitivity after radiation, chemotherapy or use of certain medicines to keep the skin as healthy as possible.

We check to see that the skin is flexible and pliable and that scars and bruising do not produce restrictions so skin can’t move freely. If there is excessive swelling due to injury, such as an ankle sprain or twisted knee, the skin gets stretched and loses the natural tone and proprioception, which makes the joint feel unstable, so we utilize techniques such as edema reduction massage and kinesiotex taping and cold laser therapy to restore the skin and surrounding tissue.

How To Keep Skin Healthy

Remember, your skin has a natural acid mantle that destroys the germs that we come in contact with on a daily basis. It is when we don’t take care of our skin that it can become a problem.

It is that little hangnail or paper cut can cause all kinds of problems and pain, especially for immune compromised individuals. Our skin can be adversely affected by the excessive use of harsh soaps, chemicals, antibacterial wipes and gels, detergents, constant changes in temperatures, burns, and poor daily skin care.

What Is Good Skin Care

So what is good skin care? According to the Mayo Clinic, there are five very basic skin care tips. Protect yourself from excessive sun exposure, don’t smoke, treat your skin gently, eat a diet rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins (increase your Vitamin C intake), and learn to manage your stress.

Lake City PT’s Coeur d Alene physical therapists understand the need for healthy skin everyday. We teach healthy skin care techniques, such as the use of mild soaps, which are often cream based, natural cleaning products, and lotions that do not contain alcohol, or drying agents.

It is best after showering or washing your hands to put lotion on to keep the skins’ protective barrier lubricated, and then it is less susceptible to skin breakdown due to harsh weather, excessive temperature changes and other daily contacted irritants. When you are cleaning and doing the dishes, it is best to use hypoallergenic gloves that do not allow exposure of the skin to chemicals.

If you have a blister, we suggest you leave the outer layer alone, because the next layer of skin can heal the best, when it is covered by its own protective tissue instead of a Band-aid.We suggest that you keep your nails clipped and clean and use a finger brush under your nails if they are long because that is where bacteria and fungus like to linger.

We encourage you that if you do have a scar that you keep it clean and soft, not wet. If you already have a scab, you can merely keep it soft and supple to ensure the best healing, and never pull off a scab.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy

In physical therapy, we often use cold laser therapy to improve the healing and health of the skin after surgery, to increase healing times of scars and wounds and improve the soft tissue flexibility. If you have a scar, wound or any tissue that you think is inhibiting your normal ability to move, cold laser therapy is a great avenue to try to return your skin and surrounding tissue to normal.

Our skin should be radiant and glowing. When we think of it as an outward expression of what’s inside of us, we will begin to see what it is trying to tell us. Are we taking care of ourselves the way we should, on the inside and the outside? What is your skin telling all?