Prenatal Postpartum Program

Prenatal Postpartum Recovery Program

Prenatal and postpartum physical therapy helps pregnant moms stay healthy during pregnancy, prepare for labor and delivery, and spend less time in the labor process, and recover faster so they can get back to their families and take care of their new little one.

Our Prenatal Postpartum Program combines education, in person physical therapy, and home exercises for strengthening and stretching to help reduce stress on the body during and after pregnancy so you can return to your active lifestyle.

Our team specializes in prenatal postpartum care and designs a personalized program based on your body and baby’s needs.

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Pricing and program details – $595 for 5 Visits

This program has super simple pricing, you buy a package $595 for 5 one hour sessions. The timeline for sessions around birth are listed below:

  • Second Trimester
  • Third trimester
  • Birth
  • 3 weeks after birth
  • 6 weeks after birth
  • 8 weeks after birth

About Prenatal Physical Therapy

Prenatal physical therapy allows for the mom to be more comfortable throughout her pregnancy, be more flexible and have greater strength to be able to carry their growing baby. During your appointments we will teach you how to assist your body in supporting your growing baby so you have less aches and pains.

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About Postpartum Physical Therapy

Postpartum physical therapy helps mom’s bodies return to balance faster by realigning the muscular skeletal system, and reseting the normal functional movement patterns. Your body has been building for nine months carrying baby, and your center of gravity has changed. We help reboot your neuromuscular system so that you quit relying on back muscles and start re-engage your pelvic floor, and abdominal muscles.

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Payment options

Instead of having to pay your deductible, we offer a way to buy visits in bulk.

You can pay for this program with cash, credit, or HSA.