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Literally changed my sex life. I hadn't been intimiate with my husband in 10 years. We were finally able to reconnect. I seriously cannot thank you enough. It makes me emotional.


Seattle, WA

My OBGYN told me that this is just how life is going to be after having my baby. That I'd have incontinence for forever. I had accepted that for two years. The I got help from Sheree and here team and I can play with my kids again without worrying about leakage. It honestly is amazing.


Los Angeles, CA

I've had endo since I was 16. People didn't believe me, they thought I was being dramatic. I would be incapacitated a week out of the month due to my period. The help you've given me, it has given me hope. I would have probably gotten a hysterectomy instead of an ablation if I didn't talk to you. Seriously, thank you.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

I got a pelvic floor prolapse when I stared menopause. My primary care doc had zero suggestions. I stumbled upon your company and you've improved my quality life to the point where I think I'm better than before menopause. Also, thank you for helping me find a local pelvic floor PT in my area.

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Chicago, IL