Lake City Physical Therapy Locations


Janet M.

This group is very supportive, knowledgeable and caring. They go the extra mile to help. They saved my shoulder from needing surgery, found a lump in my chest wall, provided education and motivation. This place feels like home.

Ann D.

Sheree and her crew are the best!!! They brought my leg back to 110% after my motorcycle accident and are now working on my husbands shoulder after he shattered his humerus.

Elisa S.

I have been and continue to be treated by the wonderful staff. They are committed to my success. I'm grateful to have found them. When you need physical therapy, Lake City Physical Therapy should be your first and only call.

Physical Therapy Services & Specialties

πŸŽ—Breast Cancer Care

We understand you're facing a tough road ahead and we want you to know that we will be here every step of this journey to overcome breast cancer. All our therapists specialize in lymphedema treatment and will be your advocates and companions to beat breast cancer. We understand that no two people are the same and we incorporate this mentality into all our care. To learn more read - What Is Breast Cancer Lymphedema Treatment.

πŸ’¦ Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is when the leakage of urine occurs. Incontinence is related to pelvic floor health and often occurs from pelvic surgery, pregnancy or childbirth. 1 in 3 women have a pelvic health disorder. If you're having trouble with incontinence, read more about women's health and incontinence.

β™‹ Oncology Wellness

Oncology wellness is helps cancer patients. Our team is here to help you battle cancer and be a support system for you. Our therapists have extensive experience in the physical and also know how to help ease your mind during your future challenges. Whether you're going through surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy and experiencing fatigue, pain or weakness we're going to be by your side.

πŸ’ͺ RTC Total Shoulders, Knees, Hips

RTC stands for rotator cuff, a group of tendons located in our joints. Often injuries to these ligaments and muscles occur from the overuse of muscles. These groups of tissue are responsible for the stabilization and movement of our entire body. Needles to say if you're experiencing trouble with any of these joints your mobility will be limited. If you are post surgery for your joint ailment our people are here to help. We define a unique plan for each patient by learning what is important to them and what their goals are. Learn more about our care now.

πŸ‘Ÿ Sports Wellness

Sports physical therapy isn't just for athletes. If you're an active individual where your movement is important, it's imperative that you diagnose and address challenges appropriately. Lead by Sheree Dibiase, PT who has experience working with LA Dodger's players, principal dancers and professional skiers, the group of therapists working at LCPT help you design a specific treatment plan that helps your body accomplish the demanding nature of sports. Our philosophy is that everyone is an athlete in their own right. Learn how we help people with sports wellness physical therapy.

πŸ’ƒ Dance Medicine

Grace and elegance. Dancing uses fine motor skills to make beautiful movements that make us feel full of emotion and fulfilled. A dancer understand their body better than most and this gives them an innate ability to understand when something is wrong. Whether you're dancing jazz, hip-hop or ballet. All of our physical therapists are trained in dance medicine and know the proper techniques to treat dance aliments. To help you get rehabilitated therapists can employ balance and strength training. Read physical therapy exercise for dance medicine now.

🎈 Lymphedema Physical Therapy Treatment

Lymphedema is a where fluid builds up in our body and causes swelling. This occurs when the lymphatic system is not functioning properly. Proper lymph system function should drain own it's own. Physical therapy options that exist to sustain proper lymphatic function complete decongestive therapy and compression therapy. Our team specializes in lymphedema care and has been trained in the greatest hands on service. We help train your lymph system to work properly again.

πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic physical therapy is the rehabilitation of your body after surgery. Whether it's a fracture, acute sports injury or back and neck pain our team of therapists know how to mobilize and strengthen the appropriate muscle groups. Learn more about our orthopedic care treatment process.Β 

πŸ‘Ά Postpartum Care

This time period begins right after the birth of a child and continues for 6-8 weeks. During this time the mother's body returns hormone levels and uterus size to normal. Due the drastic changes the body experience during childbirth often tears in the internal tissue can occur and cause problems like urinary incontinence. All our care givers are ready to help you with this new stage of life. Our therapists are all mothers and we are here to help with both the psychological and physical changes you're experiencing. Learn more about postpartum care now.

πŸ‘© βš• Women’s Health

It's not uncommon knowledge that men and women's health care needs vary widely. Women's health relative to physical therapy involved the physical, mental and social well being of women. Physical therapists focus on reproductive health and the relationship between pelvic floor health and overall women's health. Our team has been working with women in the greater Spokane community for over 15+ years. We believe whether you're a daughter, mother or grandmother, your continuous pelvic and reproductive help is a must. Learn more about women's health now.