Women’s Sports Physical Therapy

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At Lake City PT we believe everyone is an athlete in their own right. At different stages of life, each individual has goals for their particular sport and their level of fitness and ability to train to their full potential may be decreasing their potential for success.  Sports physical therapy helps people accomplish their goals and reach a level of fitness that they desire.

Sports physical therapy has five distinct aspects:

  • acute care – The PT will assess and diagnosis the initial injury, however sometimes there is no injury, just the desire to elevate their level of play and the athlete something is limiting their capabilities.  
  • treatment – This component is where the PT develops a care plan that has the specific training techniques for you is most i
  • rehabilitation – the PT’s progressive management for full return to sport
  • prevention – the PT’s will identify and address the deficiencies known to directly result in, or act as precursors to injury. This movement assessment analysis  
  • education – sharing of the specialist knowledge to individual athletes, teams or clubs to assist in prevention or management of injury

Whether your sport is golf, skiing or dance Lake City PT’s staff, led by Sheree Dibiase, PT can help you define the outcome you’re looking for and they will design a path to get there.

Women’s Sports Physical Therapy: What To Expect

After sports injuries or a corrective surgery, sports physical therapists develop individualized care programs to help you reclaim your health.

Often called orthopedic problems, anything affecting joints such as neck, shoulders and knees all fall into the care of sports physical therapy.

Sports physical therapy promotes healing, restores range of motion, increases endurance, and helps athletes get back into the game. We align our programs to help you accomplish your goals. Specialized exercise, strength training, gait training, manual therapy techniques, education and healing technologies are used get you to your optimum level.

Women’s Sports Medicine Education

A part of the physical therapy process educating patients. At Lake City PT we firmly believe that people heal the fastest when they understand

If your child sustains an injury during exercise, sports participation, or any type of physical activity, you may be advised to see a sports medicine healthcare provider for treatment.

Sports medicine healthcare providers have special training to restore function to injured patients so they can get moving again as soon as possible. They are also knowledgeable about preventing illness and injury in active people. Although sports medicine healthcare providers do work with professional athletes, they also treat children and teens involved in sports and adults who exercise for personal fitness. In addition, they treat people who have physically demanding jobs, like construction workers.

Sports medicine is not a medical specialty in itself. Most sports medicine healthcare providers are certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, family medicine, or another specialty and then receive additional training. Others specialize in treating injuries in children and teens, whose growing bodies can be quite different from those of adults. They are generally board-certified in pediatrics or family medicine with additional training in sports medicine. Some, but not all, sports medicine healthcare providers have surgical training, too, usually as orthopedic surgeons.

Women’s Sports Medicine Exercises

The exercises that we use are specific to each ailment you are facing.

With that said, entire body wellness is super important for athletes to be able to perform at their highest level. For example if you’re experiencing hip pain, it’s often related to knee pain. Understanding these intricacies are what our staff does.

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