Postpartum Moms Study

Fourth Trimest for mom Lake City Physical Therapy
Calling All Moms!

If you are a Mom that has had a baby in the last 10 years, we need you!

At Lake City Physical Therapy we are committed to making the lives of women better and especially those of you who have had a baby or babies. We want to ensure that you have a higher quality of life after having your children and this means making sure you are physically healthy.

We will be starting a study to help postpartum Moms restore their bodies after baby. It will include education, exercise and group activities.

You must be willing to come to PT for a free screening that lasts 15-30 minutes at the start of the study and at the end of the study you will have another screening to see your improvement that will last 15-30 mins and then again at end of 12 months.

You must be willing to commit to a free app exercise workout regime 3-4 x’s a wk for 3 months with check ins on the app.

In one group you will need to come to group exercise class at least one time a week for the 3 months.

This can be by Skype if you are out of town, but you can only miss 2xs to be included in the study.

You will need to fill out the Pelvic Health Survey first online (below).

Then you will make a free screening appointment for 15-30 mins with my office staff.

Once the below form is completed my staff will reach out to schedule a screening time.