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To me there is nothing as special as a new born baby. Mom and Dad and all the family wait for nine months to snuggle, love and coo over this precious wonder. The Momma is especially attached to her baby due to all the hormones her body produces to grow the baby and then deliver the small, little wonder.

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Settling Into Your Postpartum Body

Years ago when I had my first son, I got to experience this amazing feat called delivery. I had so many good intentions of natural childbirth and an easy delivery, unfortunately, that was not the case for me. My first baby was three days late and was 9 pounds, 3 and one-half ounces and 21 and three-fourths inches long. He was a big baby, too big for me. Nonetheless he came in to the world in the regular way. Little did I know all the joy and body changes he would provide.

Childbirth is an life changing event. It brings the love and laughter of a newborn and the sculpting of a woman’s body in a whole new way. Because of all of the changes a woman’s body experiences, she now must learn to live with a new set of bodily issues. There may be stretch marks, scar tissue where the episiotomy was located, a bladder that leaks when she coughs, laughs or jumps too much, abnormal bowel movements or painful sex.

The once tiny figure of pre-children is gone, replaced with hips that are rounder, legs that are fuller and breasts that are tender. Oh my, what’s a new mother to do? Good thing the baby is so incredible, because a woman might think twice about having such a precious wonder.

Women’s Health Physical Therapy  Helps Your Postpartum Body

Women’s health physical therapy is your what help you get your pelvic floor tuned. It’s a combination of manual therapy, muscle strengthening machines and exercises. As soon as you are six weeks postpartum, come quickly in for your baseline visit. Research indicates that this is the time to prevent long-term issues with the important parts of your pelvic floor. No I’m not talking about Kegel exercises or tummy crunches. I am talking about a thorough assessment of the important functions of your floor.

Is your bladder working right or is it painful? Are you regular with your bowels or do you have to push excessively? Have you been avoiding sex after the six weeks are up because it hurts too much? All of these things are what the pelvic floor is a part of, and this is the prime time to make sure you stay healthy down under.

I know it sounds scary and you might want to just ignore it, but believe me, you need to pay attention to it. Babies bring life changes, but we are here to help you stay the babe that you have always been.

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