Do Supplements Really Do Anything

Sometimes you feel desperate about your health.  You have been training hard for months now and everything seemed to be going well, but suddenly for the past few days you just feel worn out.   So you rush to the health food store and buy some supplements that you read about in your current health magazine and then you hope what you are taking is working for you.  But how do you know if they are working, all these supplements you are taking?  Or for that matter what you are eating and drinking everyday?

There is a way for you to know if the supplements and the food you are eating are working for you.   It’s easy and quick, it only takes 90 seconds.  It is a Biophotonic scanner that was developed out of the University of Utah Department of Physics by Dr. Werner Gellerman. He developed an amazing instrumentation that is a non-invasive way to measure the carotenoids in the skin, eye and other human tissue in his laboratory using Raman spectroscopy.  There is no other technology like it.  It is used to evaluate the biochemistry and the biophysics of nutritional interventions against inherited and acquired disorders.  In the Berstein Laboratory, which was funded by the National Eye Institute, studied the proteins involved in the uptake and stabilization of the proteins lutein and zeaxanthin in the human macula of the eye.  This measured the dietary xanthophyll carotenoids that play an important role in protecting the macula of the eye from daily light-induced oxidative stress damage. It was seen that when high levels of this carotenoid was present less risk of age-related macular degeneration was correlated.   This technology was further developed and a machine was designed to be use on other human tissue and the skin was one of them.  In the skin they are able to measures your antioxidant levels through these carotenoids and there is a direct correlation in scientific based research that the higher your antioxidant levels the less likelihood of you developing major diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other autoimmune-related disease.

So now there is a tool to see if what you are eating, drinking and taking is actually working to keep you healthy and prevent disease whish is related to oxidative stress.  Remember oxidative stress is happening everyday but what you eat, drink and take protects you from the harmful side effects of it.  So what are you eating and drinking and could that be why you don’t feel so well?  Seven to nine servings of fruits and vegetables is what you need a day to protect you.  Are you getting that a day?

So you may wonder why a physical therapist would care so much out what you eat, drink and take a day, well I will tell you why.  In my profession I take care of your musculoskeletal system and what you eat, drink and take directly correlates to how well you do in physical therapy and how well you are able to heal form injury. Years ago I took a continuing education course from an internal medicine specialist in Seattle, and he challenged me to think differently about my patients and their nutritional health and how is correlates to wellness.  I then began to think of the macronutrients and the micronutrients that we need daily in order to be able to have our patients heal from injury.   There was no measurement tool when I trained with him years ago, but now thanks to the Biophotonic scanner technology we have a way to know if what you are eating, drinking and taking is working for you and if it’s not we know what to do about it so you can prevent injury and heal from disease.  Don’t wait till you are ill to wonder how well your score is, come in and get tested, it only takes 90 seconds and live well.


Sheree DiBiase, PT is the owner of Lake City Physical Therapy and she and her staff will be happy to scan you so you have a biomarker of your nutritional health.

Call us for an appt- $20 for your scan.  CDA office (208) 667-1988.