How Acknowledging Blessings Betters Mental Health

How Acknowledging Blessings Betters Mental Health lake city pt

Miracles are all around us.  Some are big and some are small.  Some seem like your heart just grew a million sizes in one moment, just like the “Grinch”.  Some are just tiny wonders, like the melting of your heart when you see the joy of your family all together at the Holidays.


Miracles are defined by “a surprising and welcoming event that is not explainable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be of a divine nature.”  Words, such as, wonder, marvel, sensational, spectacular and mystery come to mind. These extraordinary events are beyond my comprehension.  I consider them miracles that you and I will never explain.


In my profession of physical therapy, I see these miracles all the time.  My patients’ bodies heal from injuries that often are so debilitating that I am shocked at their resilience.  Clearly the body was broken and now it is well. Clearly death knocked on the door and they were healed.  I can’t even understand it, but the human spirit is so powerful and strong I am overwhelmed.


This time of year I have seen so many miracles that I often wonder why right during the Holidays?  I can never begin to explain these incredible phenomena at all but I know that they are all around us.  I was just reminded of an incredible story this past week of a dear family to my whole office.  The beautiful Mom went into labor on Christmas day and she had some complications and ended up in Spokane with her new baby.  The baby was at high risk.  They were told that she would not make it.  They were told she would have developmental issues if she did make it.  The doctor told the family and the grandparents to prepare to bury their baby.  The family said no to this idea and they said they couldn’t accept that verdict.  They called out to everyone they knew at church and in our community and all over the country to pray, to reach out, to tell everyone they could think of that they needed a Christmas miracle!!   She was a Christmas baby and she needed divine intervention.

Everyone prayed, waited, believed and the family rallied at the hospital meanwhile loving all the other families with sick children on Christmas on their hospital floor. People donated gas cards, vouchers for everything from electricity, food and toys for other families and kids on the floor.  She was released from the hospital 3 weeks later.  This year she will be 2 years old on Christmas with no visible signs of any health deficits. She walks, talks and gets into everything.  As you can well imagine, we are all still in awe. It was a Christmas miracle right here, right in front of us, right before our eyes.


As you start this crazy, wild Holiday Season I would challenge you to look for the miracles all around you everyday.  I know sometimes it doesn’t seem possible or probable but I am here to tell you they happen.  We see them in our clinic all the time.  Like the man whose lower leg was shattered and they said he would never use it again and now he climbs ladders with no brace and works like a wild man. Like the lady whose family thought she would never wake up after having a terrible stroke and now she snowshoes and hikes with her family.  Like the teenager who blew out his knee and they said you will never pitch again and he does.  Never doubt the human spirit, never stop believing in the physical healing available for your health issues, and never ever give up on the amazing gift of your life.    Watch for the miracles this Holiday in the hustle and the bustle, little and big, you will be amazed.


Sheree DiBiase, PT and her staff believe in the amazing potential in the body to heal itself and often it just needs a little help and direction in physical therapy, so let us be part of your healing team this Holiday Season and throughout the year. If you have a miracle to share please email us at  We can be reached in our CDA office at (208) 667-1988 and in our Spokane valley office at (509) 891-2623.