Patient Score Info

Lake City Physical Therapy will be beta testing a Patient Score system to facilitate patient care to the highest level in our clinics. Consistency of treatment is necessary in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. Your physical therapy provider and physician work together to create a plan of care to ensure you improve in your overall health.  This system we are testing will help us facilitate your care, so that it is delivered in a timely manner and without any interruption in services.

Here is some important information to know about your patient score and how it will be implemented in your rehab journey.

How is a Patient Score calculated?

Your individual patient score is calculated using a formula that uses total number of visits you have scheduled and attended, number of cancelled visits, and total number of no shows.

What negatively effects my Patient Score?

  • NO SHOWS are weighted the heaviest and will drastically decrease your score.
  • Cancellations will also decrease your patient score but have much less effect than a NO SHOW. (We do understand that there are circumstances where you must cancel, so cancellation are weighted less than a no shows, but cancelling too often can lead to a drastic reduction in score.)

What positively effects my Patient Score?

The easiest and most effective way to keep or raise your score is to actually attend your scheduled appointments. A helpful tip is when scheduling with the front desk always double check your calendar to make sure that the appointment you schedule, can be made.

What is the purpose of the Patient Score?

The patient score is being used to increase patient accountability for their rehab journey. Our physical therapist can only assist in helping our patient recover and get back to a healthier life if they are making their appointments on a regular basis.

What can happen if my score gets too low?

A patient score will never lead to a denial of service, but if a patient score does drop below a 65 out of 100. Patients will only be able to schedule 2 visits out in advance. (This is compared to a score being above a 65 where a patient is given the opportunity to schedule and guarantee multiple appointments weeks in advance).

If you have any more questions regarding a patient score, please call 208-667-1988.