Pelvic Floor Therapy for Constipation

Pelvic Floor Therapy for Constipation lake city pt

If you are suffering from constipation, you should consider pelvic floor therapy. This treatment can help ease the symptoms of this condition, as explained below. 

Constipation is far more common than most people realize. Indeed, one study has revealed that approximately 52 million people, or 16% of the American population suffer from some form of chronic constipation. As you age, this issue becomes far more prevalent and causes numerous people to visit the doctor to treat the problem. There are even over 700,000 visits to the emergency room each year related to constipation. If you are looking for relief from this condition, you could consider pelvic floor physical therapy. 

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What Is Pelvic Floor Therapy For Constipation? 

Pelvic floor therapy focuses on issues with the pelvic floor. These muscles control various processes in the body including:

  • Urination
  • Defecation
  • Intercourse

Constipation can cause numerous issues including infrequent bowel movements as well as the sensation that the bowels are never fully empty. Many people who suffer from constipation do have issues with pelvic floor dysfunction. While there are numerous lifestyle causes of constipation, this is certainly a contributing factor. 

Pelvic floor therapy for constipation is used to manage any tightness that exists in the muscles or through the intestines and the diaphragm. Any constrictions here are going to make issues with constipation a lot worse. 

With pelvic floor therapy, therapists use internal treatment to help with the issue of muscular tension as well as breathing and relaxation exercises. In doing so, it’s possible to help key muscles relax more. 

Who Is Qualified To Perform Pelvic Floor Therapy For Constipation? 

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There are numerous people who will be qualified to complete pelvic floor therapy. For instance, a doctor may recommend a gynecologist, a urologist, or even a urogynecologist. It largely depends on the issues that a patient is suffering from. 

For constipation, it is best to contact a pelvic health physical therapist. Experts in the field, we are trained specifically to assess and treat a wide range of different pelvic floor problems. Be aware that constipation can impact men and women as well as children. 

If you are experiencing issues with constipation, we encourage you to contact us today. A friendly member of our team will book you in for an appointment so that we can work to resolve your issue. 

Does Pelvic Floor Therapy Work For Constipation? 

Many patients do experience new levels of relief when they start using pelvic floor therapy for constipation. Studies have shown that pelvic floor therapy can be highly beneficial for this issue because it helps ensure that muscles do relax which makes it easier for patients to complete a bowel movement. 

While there are other issues that often contribute to constipation such as diet and hydration, pelvic floor therapy can provide the level of relief that patients need. It can even ensure that they feel less pain and discomfort when dealing with a condition like this. 

Pelvic Floor Therapy Exercises For Constipation 

As well as providing internal treatments as well as expert advice, we also recommend pelvic floor therapy exercises for constipation. These exercises are based on helping you relax the vital muscles that will be causing you issues. 

While there are various exercises and stretches that can help, many are based on yoga poses such as child’s pose and happy baby. 

Happy baby involves lying down on your back with your legs in the air. You can then pull your knees towards your chest, holding your feet before pulling your legs apart. Alternatively, childs pose involves spreading your knees wide and allowing your belly to rest on the floor. You can then rest your forehead on the floor as well. 

Be aware that the exercise used will depend on which muscles are causing you problems and which ones feel tighter than they should. 

Furthermore, we can also teach you abdominal massages. These are beneficial for relieving tension and pain that can be caused by constipation. If you are struggling with painful issues, it can be helpful to try kneading and stroking the abdomen in a pattern that remains consistent. This is a popular method that is commonly used during therapy sessions. 

Do you need more support? If so, please contact us today. Our professional support and expert treatment methods have helped numerous patients gain relief from issues with constipation and we’re confident we can help you too.