Sheree Dibiase, PT

Lake City Physical Therapy was founded by Sheree DiBiase, PT in 1992.

Sheree has owned private practices since 1987. 

We have served the greater Spokane/Inland Northwest community for over 27 years. 

For 27 years Sheree has been championing women’s health needs in this community. 

Sheree acquired her professional degree summa cum laude from Loma Linda University, School of Physical Therapy and upon graduation she received the distinguished Fred B. Moore Award for clinical excellence in practice – awarded to her by her professors and the clinical community. 

She has been a physical therapist for over 35 years.

She worked for her mentor – a Professor at the University – for 2 years and then went on to follow him in his teaching role at the University.

For 7 years of her career, she taught kinesiology and gait training at Loma Linda University, School of Physical Therapy in the PT and PTA programs and guest lectured in the School of Occupational Therapy.

She did this while having two of her own private practices. 

At Loma Linda Sheree had a reputation as the hardest professor in the program. We’ve confirmed with previous students and the verdict is in – she was tough. 

Sheree is a female entrepreneur, a mother, an educator and most importantly an advocate for women. 

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