Staff FAQ

What must I do to be HIPPA compliant?

Educate, read and sign all documents necessary and comply with all regulations on a yearly basis. This is your responsibility to do so each year. Our HIPPA compliance officer is our Admin Front Desk in each clinic and you can work with them directly regarding all new info each year. You must have a signed document on file each year and it is your responsibility to do so yearly.

Do I need to sign a Work Confidentiality Agreement?

Yes and you must abide by all statues in our state practice acts in the states you are licensed in. Your Admin Front Desk will help to facilitate this but each year you must sign and comply.
See State Practice Act in WA and Idaho for full guidelines.

Is it my responsibility to keep up with my own licensing and give my licensure to our org for validation each year?

Yes this is your responsibility as we need it for our credentialing work.

Do I need to be involved in credentialing with insurance carriers?No you do not directly, but you will be required to sign documents and give information in a timely fashion to our Credentialing team. If you do not get information back with 48 hours this can result in the inability for us to bill for your services and then limit your work load.

Who does our insurance credentialing?

We currently have an in house team and they will reach out to you with the documents they need. Please respond in a timely manner- within 24 hours.

Do I need to give you my references?

Yes, often we must have your references fill out info on you for the credentialing process.

How do I log my work hours?

T-sheets is our time clock system. You are required to clock in and out daily. You cannot clock in before your allotted time frames established with your lead. You must clock out for lunch for an hour and we do not pay for charting time frames. We only get reimbursed for your time frames with a patient. You must clock out at your allotted time frame established by your lead. You will have 24 hours to ensure your hours are correct.

If you have an error after that 24 hour time is up you must contact . Please use your email to do this.

What if I have trouble with Tsheets on my mobile device?

Please contact

What if I keep forgetting to use my payroll clocking in and out?

Please reach out to our payroll team if you are having issues, we will do everything to help you resolve this. However ultimately, if you do not comply
you will be contacted by our payroll team and continuance of noncompliance can lead to disciplinary action.

Do I have my own email address within the org?

Yes you do and it is your responsibility to use it for anything related to your work with Lake City PT.
Do not use your personal email for work related activity.

Do I need to have an active Curriculum Vitae with our org?

Yes you do. It is a work hx and a cumulative document of all your continuing education accomplishments and it is needed for our credentialing team.

Am I allowed or am I suppose to schedule my own patients?

No, you should not have to schedule your own patients on any consistent basis. Your Admin Front Desk is responsible for this activity.

How often should a pt be scheduled after an evaluation?

After all new evaluations all pts need to be scheduled for at least 12 visits, 2x a wk. The work that goes into our team facilitating a new pt into our system is significant from the Admin at the desk to the PT using their expertise to establish a quality POC with documentation and then the billing team insurance filing, warrants this to prove whether PT is an effective intervention. It is not possible to have skilled interventions with only a few visits and it is not cost effective for our org after all the work that is done with marketing to procure our patients.

Is there exceptions to seeing a new patient for fewer than 12 visits?

Yes there is always an exception to the rule. Your professional judgement is why you were hired for this role in our org.
You may be asked to screen a patient for a MD to facilitate his POC for possible sx or othe diagnostic work up. You may feel you need other healthcare providers input due to safety issues for a pt or due to infectious disease issues. You may have concerns over a pts mental health status or money concerns. Please talk to your Admin Front Desk, your team PT lead or

reach out to me at if you have concerns or are not ckear on POC or MD interactions with you.

Who is my team lead PT?

Each office will have a team lead PT. They will identify themselves to you and you will interact with them if you have concerns on daily work load issues.
If you have global concerns with your work agreement with our org you must contact me directly at

Who is the team lead for the Admin Front Desk?

Currently there is not one but this will be a position that we will looking at to eventually hire.

What constitutes full time employment in our organization?

An employee must work 32 hours to be eligible for benefits for three months before being considered full time.

What type of benefits are available for an employee once they are a full time employee?

  1. 1)  6 paid Holidays- our org has chosen these to beChristmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, July 4 and of course to honor our team, Labor Day.
  2. 2)  10 paid vacation days- accrued per month at a rate of approx 6.5 hours per month when full time.
  3. 3)  Three personal days per year approved by our org
  4. 4)  Continuing education per year negotiated individually with each employee according toour teams current development needs and our staffs goals.
  5. 5)  IRA Simple Retirement 3% match once full time for two years.
  6. 6)  Medical Insurance on a case by case basis with Regence Blie Shield. Approx $500month benefit. No dental or vision available. We only pay for employees.
  7. 7)  Aflac policy- you choose and apply for it under our org and you pay for it with pretaxmoney. There is a short term disability policy is good for our ladies who are thinking of having children as it gives you up to three months of income from Aflac. You must be on the policy fir at least 6 months before you are eligible for this.

Does everyone get health insurance in our org?

Only if you are full time and have no other opportunity for coverage from your significant other. You are able to look at pricing structures to determine plan comparison. Each year our plan changes so this is a revolving document.

Can you put your family on your health insurance plan through the org?

Only if you get approval and only if you agree to pay for it as a deduction from your paycheck bimonthly.

Can I be a PT/PTA that is paid per patient visit?

Yes, this is done on a case by case basis,
often with a person that is not full time and not eligible for benefits. It is a way for those of you who have time constraints, with limited schedule opportunities to still be a vital part of our team and continue to grow in our profession.

Is there an opportunity for me to put away money for Retirement ?

Lake City Physical Therapy, PA has
a” IRA Simple”program with the use of American Funds Money Market Accounts
established through Northwestern Mutual.
You can participate once you are a full time employee for 2 years in our company. You can opt to put in the maximum per year, that is established per year by the IRA Simple regulations or you can choose to do a 3% match of your gross pretax income per month. Our company matches any money you put in pretax up to 3% only.
This money comes directly out of your payroll check monthly and is matched quarterly by our org. You choose which American Funds you desire with options from aggressive funds to bonds with more conservative returns. You may look at these online through
Packard Wheeler Group is our contact,

Can I take off longer than 6 wks for maternity leave?

Yes you can as long as you have coverage for your caseload. This means you must be willing to make a plan with us for the interim and make an official date of return. Upon your return you them must be flexible to obtain your full load back. This may mean you will have to build a load slowly if you have been out so long.

Can I carry over my sick or vacation time from year to year?

No you cannot. We are unable to facilitate this unless there are extenuating circumstances which will be dealt with on a case by case basis with our team leaders.

What does disciplinary action mean?

Noncompliance with our org “best intentions” calls for a one on one meeting with our team leads and then resulting probation regarding return to compliance.